Project Screen Shot

Web Music Player

I deployed the project to Heroku. You can try it. But currently, there is not a user based system so anyone can see other’s actions (CRUD play list, add/remove music from play list, etc.) 🙂 Demo App

A web music player that have built with ReactJS and ExpressJS. The project uses MongoDB for data storage. You need to import the data from back-end/data/ to their corresponding collections. Also you need to create play_lists collection.



The project features:

  • Standard music player actions:
    • Play
    • Pause
    • Volume
    • Seek
    • Go next/prev music
    • Shuffle play list
    • Loop play list
  • Creating playlist
  • Deleting playlist (right click on playlist)
  • Adding music to playlist (right click on music)
  • Deleting music from playlist (right click on music)

To run the back-end project: Copy the db-config-exp.js file as db-config.js and edit its content for your credentials and info. Then locate to back-end/ folder and run the followings.

npm install
npm run dev-server

To run the front-end project: Locate to front-end/ folder and run the followings.

npm install
npm run dev-server